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Delivery & aftersales service provided throughout the west of Ireland. All lawn tractors delivered fully assembled & ready to mow..

  • New Model
  • Pro Spec Honda 690 OHC V-twin engine with variable hydrostatic drive
  • 122 cm (48″) cutting width
  • Large 350 litre grass collector
  • Versamow™ selective mulching
  • Optiflow™ fan powered system
  • Synchronous blade cut

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Having a clean, healthy and well cut lawn is not complicated. The key is in a good lawnmower and the illusion to maintain your perfect garden. Honda brings together all these aspects in the best range of mowers available today in the market. In its heart beats the powerful and world-renowned 4-stroke Honda engine, with which your lawnmower will always start at the first, consume less fuel and protect the environment.

Honda mowers make a difference for their technology, performance and innovative design. The best materials and the most innovative features, always thinking about making life easier. Honda is the number 1 gardening brand in Europe and has thousands of happy users, satisfied with their choice. Do not hesitate and be part of the club.


Honda engineers have developed the range of mowers, specially designed for the most demanding user looking for quality and comfort, with professional specifications for the toughest jobs.

With the Honda mowers, mowing the lawn becomes the best pleasure in the garden. For anyone who wants to pamper and mow the lawn without getting tired, behind the wheel of a Honda, to feel like the driver of an F1. Effortlessly obtain a quality garden.


The Honda ride on mowers are the only ones that equip the Honda V-Twin engine. The two-cylinder technology offers all the advantages and is key to the robustness of the set: it is built for intensive use, offering greater power and better fuel efficiency, lower emissions and lower noise levels.

The fuel tank is located under the rear cover, instead of under the hood, thus distancing itself from the engine tank. This keeps the quality of the fuel, because it keeps it away from the heat of the engine, thus preventing its evaporation. To improve its durability, the deposit thickness is 2 mm, compared to the standard 1.5 mm.


A ride on mower must incorporate the necessary safety measures so that you can use it with confidence and tranquility. The Honda HF2625HME has them all. It incorporates an actionable safety switch to allow the operation of the blades when moving backwards. Location of the battery on the front, with a tightly closed electronic control unit, exclusive to Honda.

It has an electromagnetic blade brake with easy operation and less wear on the belt, to prevent any possible mishap. The safety is total, because when the user gets up from the seat, the engine and the blade stop immediately, avoiding any possibility of accident.


The HF2625 HME mower incorporates Honda's exclusive “Versamow” mulching system, already used in its HRX range of mowers, which is a unique feature among other similar products on the market. “Versamow” allows the change between mulching and collection to be quick, easy and efficient, simply by moving the lever ergonomically located next to the seat. This model includes synchronized double blades, for symmetrical cutting, resulting in superior work.

The two blades are synchronized with a timing belt to maintain a 90º angle, which guarantees better collection performance, less jamming and less uncut areas when turning. In addition, the new ball bearings of the cutting housing extend their useful life, while improving the robustness of the cutting system. The new steel belt guide reduces the possibility of slippage and makes it much more durable.


The HF2625 HME ride on mower is equipped with hydrostatic change, which allows to vary the speed of advance to the needs of the work and the difficulty of the land, only by moving a lever. With hydrostatic transmission, your seat mower will work similarly to a car with automatic transmission.

With the engine running, you start and adjust the forward speed according to the terrain conditions, simply with the pressure of the foot on the pedal. The reverse pedal is perfectly differentiated to avoid accidents due to maneuvering errors.


If you choose to pick up, you should know that the HF2625HME ride on mower incorporates the exclusive "OptiFlow" system, which offers the best Honda pick-up performance even in the most demanding conditions. "OptiFlow" combines a powerful aspiration with turbulence control , to reduce power loss, noise and traffic jams.

The air intakes through holes in the upper part of the cutting platform and the increase in speed provided by the fans located on the blade, move the grass towards the expulsion efficiently. A large cone-shaped ejection duct minimizes the risk of obstruction; and the Honda patented pickup bag with skirts provides greater air flow, facilitating its full filling.


The HF2625HME ride on mower benefits from a new design of the hood and headlights, improving the durability and rigidity of the assembly. It incorporates a cast iron shaft, as well as a new steel bumper for protection against obstacles such as branches and bushes.

The Honda Intelligent Monitoring System offers a quick and very complete overview of the general situation of the machine, with a complete electronic diagnostic LED control panel that provides key maintenance and safety information before the user starts the machine . Smart lights turn on based on light conditions automatically.


Ease of use and comfort are also important considerations, especially for the most demanding users who spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Instead of a double pedal system, the range benefits from one pedal for forward and one for reverse, making driving more intuitive, similar to a car.

The steering axle position provides a more ergonomic driving position for the user and more knee room. The height of cut is of easy graduation by means of a handle type brake hand, with seven positions to choose. In addition, its large capacity collection bag will save you many trips for emptying.


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