Walk behind Lawnmowers

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  • Weibang WB455SC 3in1 – Self Drive Lawnmower

    Walk behind Lawnmowers 429.00

    Battery Operated 449.00663.00
  • Gardencare LMX46SP 46cm lawn mower

    Walk behind Lawnmowers 489.00
  • Weibang WB506SC 3in1 – Self Drive Lawnmower

    Walk behind Lawnmowers 579.00
  • Gardencare LM51PLUS 51cm Lawn Mower

    Walk behind Lawnmowers 645.00
  • Gardencare LMX56SP 56cm lawn mower

    Walk behind Lawnmowers 689.00
  • HONDA HRG466C SKEP Self Propelled lawnmower

    Walk behind Lawnmowers 699.00
  • Warrior 22″ Petrol lawnmower

    Walk behind Lawnmowers 699.00
  • Weibang WB537SLC3in1 – Self Drive Lawnmower

    Walk behind Lawnmowers 699.00
  • Weibang WB506SCV-3IN1

    Walk behind Lawnmowers 749.00
  • Weibang WB506SCVE 3IN1

    Walk behind Lawnmowers 849.00
  • Snapper ESXD21WM82K – 21″ Battery Mower

    Walk behind Lawnmowers 949.00
  • Honda HRN536 VY Lawnmower

    Walk behind Lawnmowers 999.00
  • Weibang WB537SCV-3IN1

    Walk behind Lawnmowers 999.00

    Walk behind Lawnmowers 1,599.00

Are you looking for a good quality walk behind self drive lawnmower? McHale Agri, Forest & Garden are the official authorized Honda lawn & garden machinery sales & service centre in Mayo. Our team provides a range of high quality walk behind lawnmowers which are available to purchase below or instore.

Discover Top Quality Walk Behind Lawnmowers

If you’re wondering which machine is better, the way we look at it is the more money you spend the more spec you get. Pretty much all of them are now self propelled meaning you don’t have to push the mower around your lawn! The Gardencare, Weibang or Warrior walk behind mowers are very good functional mowers, will do a good job for you and are reliable machines.

The Honda walk behind lawnmowers have a little more spec so they make mowing the lawn a little bit easier e.g. built in mulchers, variable speed. With the exception of the key start all the other 21″ Honda’s have a blade brake clutch which means you can disengage the blade to empty your grass bag and you don’t have to restart the engine every time.

Walk behind Lawnmowers west of Ireland

We are based in Mayo and we are happy to hear from customers throughout Connaught including Galway, Sligo, Roscommon and Leitrim. For more information, feel free to get in touch today or if you see a machine you like simply add to cart…

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