Echo Edger Attachment MTA-LE/E


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In stock

Echo Edger Attachment MTA-LE/E.It’s often the little details in life that matter. This is true even of lawn maintenance, where neatening edges and borders can transform an already neatly mown lawn into something truly pristine, as if your lawn were a little corner of Eden in your own back yard. The simplest and most efficient method of achieving this aesthetic metamorphosis is to employ a dedicated lawn edger, and handily enough there is an attachment for ECHO’s outstanding PAS-2620ES multi-tool system designed precisely for this purpose.

This commercial grade lawn edger is quick and easy to attach thanks to a quick-fit system; simply push and tighten and you are ready to go. You can then use the edger attachment to trim lawn borders quickly and efficiently, with a durable and smooth running guide wheel included to help ensure an even cut. The tough, 20cm edging blade, meanwhile, provides excellent cutting depth, and a sturdy, metal guard works offers valuable protection and a tidier finish by deflecting clippings and other detritus as you work. Moreover, the open-faced design of this debris guard helps prevent clogging, while a high quality, high torque gear case further improves reliability by ensuring optimal power transference, thus helping to deliver professional quality results every time.


  • 2.2kg Weight
  • 787mm Overall length
  • 6.1mm (Flexible) Driveshaft diameter
  • 25mm Main pipe diameter
  • 2.07 Gear reduction ratio


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