Walco 1.75 ATV Fertiliser Spreader


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Comes with Mudguards to keep mud off man & machine (& ladies too!)
Drawbar is adjustable to keep machine level for safety
Simple Drive gearbox engagement operate from Quad seat for your convenience

Check availability in store

Allspread 1.75 ATV Fertiliser & Mag Spreader
For spreading fertilizer, Causmag or seed
Suitable for towing with ATV, Quad, SSUV or Ute
Hopper & guards are UV & corrosion resistant polyethylene for longer service
Frame is strong steel construction which is hotdip galvanised for durability
Aperture shutter is stainless steel for corrosion resistance
Gearbox has an extra bearing for longer service
Spinner is dished with tipped fins for even spreading & even growth


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