Iseki SF225 Outfront


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Built with the deck underneath the operators platform its gives the operator a very clear view of what they are mowing when manoeuvring around objects for a neat finish.

The centrally mounted turbine draws the clippings from the deck and discharges them into the large 950litre collector via an oscillating chute, ensuring the collector’s capacity is fully utilised. The clippings are semi-compacted by the powerful air flow from the turbine which further increases the capacity of the collector.

In stock


Offered with a 22.5hp engines and a cutting deck measuring 1370mm/54" wide, this high performance outfront rotary mower-collectors are designed to facilitate grass cutting in the most difficult areas. Height of cut can easily be adjusted from 25-120mm without the use of tools, using the single height adjustment lever.

An impressive 950 litre, turbine driven, high-tip collector boosts efficiency when collecting grass. Its clearance height of 2125mm provides superior access when depositing the cut grass into waste skips, collector trucks or bins. Routine servicing and maintenance is refreshingly easy with excellent access to the engine, radiator and service points.


The deck is low maintenance with no belts to adjust on the cutting system.

The electric auto reversing cooling fan continuously cleans the radiator screen keeping the engine at the correct working temperature.  High capacity fuel tank and road lighting as standard helps with working those long hours.



***Will cut and collect wet grass at its ease*** Designed for Irish conditions.


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