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Easy set up with Map & Mow. Adapts to different shaped lawns up to 400m². With Smartphone connectivity and works with Amazon Alexa.

This Product Is Currently Out of Stock


Smartphone App

A simple and intuitive interface that allows you to review and control Miimo’s cutting schedule, wherever you are.

Automatic Charging System

Small Miimo works for as long as you want. When needed, it heads directly to the docking station to recharge itself then gets straight back to work.

Micro Mulching

Small Miimo cuts grass clippings into minute particles so they drop down through the grass and act as fertiliser. No more walking grass through the house.

Map & Mow

Using the simple 4 step set up process, Map & Mow will calculate your garden size and create a mowing calendar. With logical cutting, it is the most intelligent way to manage small gardens.


Small Miimo is IPX4 weatherproof and can tackle most wet weather conditions

Amazon Alexa

Small Miimo now works with Amazon Alexa, so it can take it’s orders verbally and notify you of its current status and next mowing schedule, making it even easier to achieve that flawlessly cut lawn.


Small Miimo can choose the best times to mow, based on real-time weather information, for example Miimo knows when your grass is growing rapidly and will automatically mow

Place & Mow

Small Miimo can mow in small, hard to reach spaces, such as under garden furniture, by manually activating Miimo to mow in a precise area.

Mii-monitor 40 app

Our smartphone app makes it easy to control Small Miimo’s cutting habits. You can see when and how often it plans to mow your lawn – and make any adjustments you need to, from wherever you are.

Logical Cutting Pattern

Small Miimo systematically mows your lawn in 5 m stripes, cutting efficiently and heading directly to the docking station when it’s done.

Place & Mow

Place & Mow allows you to mow those specific small sections which Small Miimo hasn’t been able to reach, such as garden furniture areas, in either a 2 x 2 m2 or 3 x 3 m2

Amazon Alexa

Small Miimo now works with Amazon Alexa, so you can easily ask Small Miimo to start mowing your grass, pause or return to base and check the mowing status.

Map & Mow

Through a simple set up process, Small Miimo will map your garden’s layout, then calculate its size and create
a mowing calendar. It knows when its power is running low and will always return to base in time to recharge,
once charged Small Miimo will begin mowing from where it stopped.

Smart Timer

In deciding when to mow, Small Miimo takes the weather into account – so it won’t try to mow your lawn during heavy rain, or if it’s been so dry that your grass won’t have had the chance to grow.



Area capacity up to 400 m²
Working capacity 29 m²/h
Maximum incline mowing area 15o / 27%
Maximum incline wire on slope 9o / 15%
Blade type 3 (Swing back type)
Cutting width 190 mm
Cutting height adjustment Manual from 30 to 50 mm
Battery type Li-ion 18V / 2,5Ah
Mowing time per charge 45 min
Charging time 45 min
Waterproofing IPX4
Smartphone application Android and iOS
Set-up and mowing process Map & Mow
Amazon Alexa connectivity Yes
Docking station position Corner & Edge
Boundary wire and pegs supplied 125 m / 180 pegs
Length x width x height 445 x 364 x 202 mm
Weight 8,1 kg


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