Mountfield 1740H Ride On Lawnmower


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The new Mountfield 1740H is very well refined machine with a 40″ cutting deck & 260 litres collector.

This Product Is Currently Out of Stock

Mountfield 1740H Twin Cylinder Garden Tractor

After 50 years at the helm it's safe to say the Mountfield brand is firmly in the lead when it comes to supplying premium quality garden machinery to the market. You won’t be disappointed in the Mountfield 1740H which is a sleek powerhouse of a garden tractor!

This Mountfield 1740H Twin Cylinder Garden Tractor is powered by a mighty Mountfield twin-cylinder, 4-stroke engine which offers you exceedingly powerful yet smooth operation.It is also effortless to start thanks to the thoughtfully designed electric key ignition.

One of the stand out features of this Mountfield 1740H garden tractor is the foot pedal hydrostatic drive which gives you instant control of the ground-speed. This is absolutely essential if you are mowing over uneven ground or going up and down slopes. The ultra light steering combined with a super-tight turning-circle makes this machine easy to manoeuvre and extremely versatile in all conditions. Ideally suited to a larger garden or paddock - Mountfield suggests an area of around two and a half acres should be about the maximum for this functional garden tractor.

The electro-magnetic blade clutch that is standard on the Mountfield 1740H gives smooth, wear-free blade engagement, reducing maintenance and adding to the longevity of the machine. Mountfield put lots of thought into safety and this machine features safety contact-breaker in the seat. If you get off (or fall off) the engine cuts out. That should put your mind at rest.

Your hard work will be reduced thanks to the generous 102cm twin-blade cutter-deck that actually cuts beyond the wheel width - ensuring you can get right up to those edges with no trouble. This will save you time as you probably won’t need to strim as well. The adjustable height of cut has seven stages enabling you to get the desired finish no matter the length of your grass. The Mountfield 1740H comes with a grass collector which holds a substantial 260 litres of clippings - so you’ll be able to get plenty of mowing done before you make that obligatory trip to the compost heap. You can empty the collector from the driver’s seat, making it easier than ever to mow a large garden or paddock.

Whether you’re a night owl or an early riser the twin headlights will ensure you’re safe to mow from dawn ‘till dusk. If you really are working from dawn till dusk it might help you to know that keeping this machine in tip top condition couldn’t be quicker or easier - the hose pipe attachment allows for easy deck cleaning. After all your hard work, you’ll still want to keep your brand new shiny red tractor free from loose grass clippings and dirt!

An audible warning will let you know when your grass collector needs emptying. If you don’t want to collect, and your grass conditions allow it, mulching or rear discharging is another option. Saving you time and effort on emptying the collector you will also be returning valuable (and free!) nutrients back into the soil which encourages your lawn to be healthy and green all year round. The anti-scalp wheels are designed to protect your grass from scalping - even in wet conditions.


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