Honda WX10 Water Pump


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This superb general de-watering pump can move 130 litres of freshwater per minute through its 1-inch pipe. A GX250 Honda engine pumps with a 3.6 bar of pressure and 80 minutes run time. The clean-running OHV 4-stroke engine is ideal for drainage, irrigation, and all-purpose cleaning. Known as 'total head', which is the maximum height the pump can force water from suction head to discharge head, The WX10 has a total head of 36m.
Widely used for clearing floodwater and with a suction head lift of 7 meters it is often used for draining flooded cellars or boats. This water pump can move debris up to 5.7mm, which is needed when pumping out floodwater, or water from your boat.  The very lightweight of 6.8 kg and easy to carry handle, makes it ideal for movement to wherever it is needed.


A Sealed System
What makes our Lightweight water pumps so effective is the craftsmanship of the hose seals and O-rings – they ensure air can’t be drawn in, which causes the all-important vacuum to be lost.

Tough Build
The reliable OHV 4-Stroke Honda engine will never let you down. With low emissions, low vibrations and automatic decompression makes them so quick and easy to start.

Durable Mechanical Seals
If water gets near the engine, things can quickly gush downhill. Our Lightweight water pumps use mechanical seals – they’re hard-wearing and durable and keep the water away. These pumps can also handle small bits of debris up to 6mm in size – there’s a strainer to make sure nothing bigger gets through.

Pushing Power
Also known as ‘total head’, it’s the maximum height the pump can force water from suction head to discharge head. Our Lightweight pumps can push it up to 40m

Water Pump comes with filter and couplings.




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