SIP DDVT V-Twin Direct Drive Compressor


This Product Is Currently Out of Stock

This Product Is Currently Out of Stock


The SIP DDVT 3hp 100ltr V-Twin Direct Drive Compressor is a highly efficient compressor ideal for general purpose work area applications. This includes small to medium-sized workshops and automotive settings.

A V-Twin aluminium pump ensures greater efficiency when filling the receiver, this also reduces weight and improves wear resistance for long life performance. It delivers 14CFM for dependable and reliable compressed air when needed most.

Using a wheel-mounted, fixed foot design with pull handle ensures great mobility for use around the work area. A small overall footprint also means the compressor transports easily between locations and is simple to store when not in use.

Applications & uses: Ideal for general purpose work area applications. Perfect for small to medium-sized workshops. Ideal for automotive settings.


Brushless induction motor (3hp / 2.2kW)

Enables the compressor to fully meet performance capability and support long life use.

Direct drive transmission
Oil-lubricated direct-driven V-Twin pump delivers 14CFM for proven and reliable everyday use.

100ltr receiver
Safely stores high volume compressed air.

Wheel-mounted design with pull handle
Ensures outstanding mobility around the work area. Small footprint allows the compressor to transport easily and is simple to store.

Delivery pipe with spiral cooling fin
Supports pump cooling for extended working life.

Built-in pressure switch & air pressure regulator
Optimises the working pressure for effective operation and application use.



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