Petrol tiller – HECHT 750


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This Product Is Currently Out of Stock


Petrol powered tiller equipped with HECHT 4-stroke engine with an power output of 6,5 HP. Working width 50 cm. Cultivation knives with diameter of 34 cm.

Engine power output data are measured at 3600rpm ˉ ¹. During normal use, the machine cannot reach this performance. For accurate comparison of the engine power output use data on the engine volume and type.

Drive Petrol engine
Weight 68 kg
Nominal engine power according to SAE J1940 (kW) 4,8
Knives diameter 34 cm
Unleaded gasoline minimum octane rating 90
Recommended oil HECHT 4T
Max. tool speed 180 - 220 ot/min
Gearbox - reverse 1
Gearbox - forward 1
Max. operating speed of engine 3600 ot/min
Displacement (cm3) 196
Packing size 1100 x 498 x 460 mm
Working width (cm) 50
Engine Hecht 4-stroke


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