Echo Extension Shaft MTA-3EXT


In stock

In stock

Designed for use with ECHO’s PAS-2620ES multi-tool system, this extended shaft provides valuable extra reach when working with either the Power Pruner® or hedge trimmer attachments. The extra 91cm this offers makes it easy to prune branches on all but the very tallest trees or to trim the most difficult to reach parts of shrubs and bushes, all while keeping your feet planted safely on the ground. As with all of ECHO’s multi-tool attachments, the extension pole also features a handy quick-fit system which makes it easy to add and remove the extended shaft as the job requires, thus saving vital time and effort.


  • 1.2kg Weight
  • 995mm Overall length
  • 6.1mm (Flexible) Driveshaft diameter
  • 25mm Main pipe diameter


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