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Weibang Velocity 56 WTV Variable Speed Wheeled Trimmer

A commercial variable speed petrol wheeled trimmer suitable for professional and domestic users.

Additional Features:

Powered by a Weibang X200 engine
Cutting height adjustment ranging from 51 - 137mm
56cm (22") cutting width
Commercial cutting head
Adjustable handles
High zone air intake
Heavy duty belts and pulleys
Free spinning support cup and level design
Service and storage position

To ensure reliable and high-performance operation, we have selected the proven and robust commercial-grade WEIBANG X200 engine, featuring 196cc and 3.6kW of power

Wide Cutting Path.The Velocity Wheeled Trimmer boasts a generous 56cm / 22” cutting width, making it adept at clearing long hedgerows and fencelines effortlessly. Its offset cutter deck design enables trimming right up to the edge, while the wide trimmer guard ensures user protection from debris.


Service & Storage Position.Designed for commercial use, the Wheeled Trimmer prioritises convenience during transportation. Our quick-release folding handles facilitate effortless lifting when relocating the trimmer, and they provide easy access to the underside of the deck for cleaning and routine maintenance.

Adjustable Handles.Like all WEIBANG commercial lawn mowers, the Velocity Wheeled Trimmer range is equipped with robust aluminium quick-release adjustment clamps. These quick-release levers enable rapid adjustment to accommodate any operator without compromising the handle's stability.


High Zone Air Intake.In order to withstand the harsh conditions in which a Wheeled Trimmer operates, the engine air filter is equipped with a snorkel pipe that extends to the handle cockpit, ensuring a continuous supply of clean air to enhance the engine's longevity.


Heavy Duty Belts & Pulleys.The WEIBANG commercial Wheeled Trimmers are equipped with heavy-duty pulleys and cutting belts to ensure exceptional reliability. Notably, the belts employed on the Velocity Wheeled Trimmer are double the thickness of those utilised by other Wheeled Trimmer manufacturers.
Free Spinning Support Cup & Level Design

The Trimmer head of the WEIBANG Wheeled Trimmer incorporates a traditional support cup, akin to other products in the market. What sets it apart is the integration of bearings within the support cup, enabling it to spin freely and ensuring extended durability. Additionally, a distinctive feature compared to other models in the market is the level design, guaranteeing that the machine remains parallel to the ground during cutting.

Technical Specifications:

Engine: Weibang X200
Service Code: TBC
Power (kW): 3.6kW
Displacement (cc): 196cc
Number of cylinders: 1
Fuel Tank Capacity: 1 Litre
Wheel Drive: Variable Speed
Cutting Width: 56cm / 22inch
Deck Material: 47
Work Area: up to 4000m²
Drivespeed km/h: 2.16 - 4.32 km/h
Folding Handles: Yes
Handle Type: Adjustable Ratchet
Service / Storage Position: Yes
Cutting Height: 51-37mm
Wheel Diameter: 35 / 14”
Wheel Type: Nylon / Polyurethane
Vibration Level (m/s2): 2.9
Noise Level: Lwa 86
Weight (kg): 47.3
Dimensions (LxWxH): 1587mm x 543mm x 972mm


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