Echo 56V DTT-2100 T-Shaped Trimmer


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Echo 56V DTT-2100 T-Shaped Trimmer

The ECHO DTT-2100 utilises the 56 eFORCE battery platform and has been designed for hassle-free professional work, with little, to no disruption to the environment or bystanders.

The unique t-shaped cutting head trims quickly and precisely without the risk of throwing objects or damaging surfaces it comes into contact with. This means you can trim quickly and confidently in areas with damageable property, like windows or vehicles. You can also trim right up against edges without the risk of any damage.

The cutting head sits on 2 wheels and sleds, which allow smooth and effortless operation on both flat and uneven surfaces. Large areas can be trimmed by sweeping back and forth.

Battery compatibility 56 eFORCE
Battery Type 50.4
Cutter Pitch (mm) 30
Cutter Type Double
Cutting Length (mm) 464
Drive shaft type Flexible shaft
Dry Weight (kg) 3.7
Run Time (min) LBP-50-150: 40 mins / LBP-50-250: 80 mins


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