Echo CS2511WES Chainsaw


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Ultralight Weight 2.6kg Rear Handle Professional Chainsaw. For those users who want the weight saving and performance of the world-renowned CS-2511TES top handle chainsaw and wish to have it with a rear handle then look no further than to the CS-2511WES.

In stock

  • 25.0cc Engine displacement
  • 2.3kg Dry weight
  • 1.10kW Output
  • 0.19 litres Fuel tank capacity
  • 0.67 l/h Fuel consumption at max engine power
  • 0.14 litres Chain oil tank capacity
  • Side Chain tensioner
  • CDI Ignition system
  • Priming pump
  • Choke with automatic fast idle release
  • ES-Start Start assist system
  • 30cm/12" Bar length
  • 0.050"/1.3mm Guide bar gauge
  • 3/8" Saw chain pitch


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