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Walco 3.5SD Spreader


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The Walco 350L Spreader has a UV & corrosion resistant poly hopper and guards for a longer service life.
The robust frame is a s trong steel construction whitch is galvanised to ensure durabiliity.
The stainless steel aperture shutter means there is no maintenance needed and is corrosion resistant.
An extra bearing above the gearbox ensures for longer service.
This spreader is fitted with a twin-drop aperturn, dished spinner and adjustable fins for even spreading.
The mudguards ensures mud is kept off the operator and the machine itself.
An adjustable drawbar keeps the machine level and safe.
The simple drive gearbox is easy to use and can be operated from your quad seat for convenience.

350 litres
280kg (7 x 40kg bags) of urea
DAP 350kg
Superphosphate 390kg
Lime 480kg


Working width:12m at 15 km/h

Throw: 20m total spread width, giving an 8m overlap with Urea

Height: 1250mm

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