AR-Quad rollover protection system


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AR-QUAD Automatic Rollover Protection System


“The AR-QUAD is an automatic rollover protection system for Quads/ATVs that expands when the rollover is irreversible, providing the highest level of protection and the most ergonomic solution in the market.”
AR Quad Rollover Protection System

Main Features

The AR-Quad solution is a cost-effective automatically deployed rollover protective structure, specifically designed for ATV’s, that covers the existing safety gaps related to low clearance operations, low center of gravity and limited rollover protection for Quads / ATV’s.

Passive Safety

“Beyond Crush Protection”
AR-QUAD provides additional protection limiting the rollover to 90º max. providing additional safety space due to its deplyment in 2 dimensions.
AR-QUAD deploys in 2 dimensions, providing a signifficantly larger safety space that minimizes personal injuries. It is well beyond crush protection!!!
AR-QUAD also minimizes mechanical damages to the ATV by limiting the roll over to 90º.
AR-Quad will only deploy when the rider can not avoid the rollover condition.


“One size fits all”
The universal AR QUAD design, fits most of the Quad's/ ATVs with rear independent suspension.
AR-QUAD versatility can be fitted in a large number of ATVs with rear independent suspension. It is easily bolted to the rear rack and the towing hitch.

Safety and certification

“The highest safety standards”
Safety is top priority and makes part of the Air ROPS DNA. With this priority in mind, the system has been carefully designed following the stringienst mechanical, Functional Safety, environmental and regulatory standards, certified by SGS, and CE marked and type of approval issued by external notified bodies.

Zero Maintenance

AR-QUAD is designed so it does not require scheduled maintenance.

Active safety

“Operator warnings during dangerous situations”
AR QUAD warns you when the ATV is approaching a roll over condition.
AR QUAD continuously monitors the ATVs behaviour, alerting the rider with acoustic and visual signals when the quad is about to reach a condition in which the stability is compromised


“You won’t even notice it until it saves your life”
With very compact dimensions in its folded position, combined with the low center of gravity of the AR QUADS, makes it unnoticiable when riding the ATV


The system can be reused after a rollover. After an inspection and approval by an ATV technitian, the gas generator can be exchanged and the structure rearmed to the initial configuration.

Simple installation

The system is supplied fully assembled and ready for the ATV dealer to install the AR-QUAD on the ATV.
Installation only requires simple electrical and mechanical operations for the technician to execute.


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