Enduramaxx 90 Litre Sprayer & 4 metre Boom


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Versatile boom sits on your quad at 1.3 metres width but sprays up to 4 metres. You can switch off middle nozzles and spray just one side if you wish, you can easily switch from boom spraying to spot spraying. Easy height adjustment of the boom and as the boom mounts on to the base of the tank you can lift it on & off your quad as one unit no assembly or disassembly required just strap/unstrap quick attach the wiring harness.

This Product Is Currently Out of Stock

The Enduraspray 90 litre Pro Series ATV Sprayer, otherwise known as a Quad Sprayer, is a heavy duty sprayer designed for easy mounting onto an ATV or four wheeler. The unique design of the ATV sprayer system allows the operator to control the spraying pattern without leaving his seat providing thorough and adjustable spray coverage.

The 15.l/min pump is ideal for powering booms up to 4m wide.

Popular uses include:

Elimination of insects and diseases around trees, orchards and fence rows
Control of weeds on verges and central reservations
Ideal for commercial, agricultural and domestic use
Local Authority and school playing fields, gardens and parks
Market gardens and green house applications
Equestrian, golf courses and grounds keeping spraying.

This boom kit will spray up to metres wide and each spray nozzle can be independently switched off allowing spray from a single nozzle to the full 4 metre width.

Supplied complete with 3 standard anti drip nozzle assemblies across the centre section, and it has a side spray nozzle at each side that is adjustable in angle and can be shut off individually.


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